A downloadable notpatlabor for Windows

Project Codename: Not Patlabor

Twinstick Police Mech Shooter with fully destructible environments.

WSAD: Movement

Mouse Movement: Aim

Left Mouse: Shoot

1: Equip Shotgun 2: Equip Rifle

3: Toggle Lights

4: Start a fire at the base of the player

R: Reset Level

N: Teleports player to larger environment I was using to test tilesets

Alt + Enter: Toggle Fullscreen.

Game was originally developed in Game Maker 1 and recently imported into Game Maker 2 resulting in some minor bugs such as sprites failing to draw, etc...

Got some plans for this project but nothing definitive.

Install instructions

Download .exe, and run installer.

Run installed executable.

Alt download and extract .zip and run .exe


NotPatlabor_Gamemaker2_000.exe 20 MB
NotPatlabor_Gamemaker2.zip 7 MB


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This would be dope with some missions