A downloadable mope for Windows

Project created for #SadMechJam 2019

M0P3 is a simulation of being an insufferable angsty teenage protagonist trapped in a critically damaged mech.
Cut off and adrift in space you can do nothing but mope: engaging in conceited existential internal monologues for your own depressing self indulgence.

There is no character development (let alone character for that matter) to be found here in the cold vacuum of space.

Prepare to Mope.

Patch notes:
-Fixed spelling on some lines, the rest are still broke.
-Added Music:
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Sonata No. 13 In B Flat Major, K.333 - II. Andante Cantabile
Performed by: Brendan Kinsella
License: Public Domain Mk.1
Sourced from: https://musopen.org/

Install instructions

Download and extract .zip.
Run the .exe


SadMecha_1_1.zip 26 MB


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Vector thrust... 

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